Sony Tablet S Vs iPad: PlayStation Comes to Android

When we hear “Sony”, we remember a number of great products that the Japanese company has provided us over the years. We remember the “Walkman”, “LCD TVs” and of course, the ever popular “PlayStation” gaming consoles. But Sony is not satisfied with these great products as they are looking to dominate the tablet market as well.

Let us welcome the Sony Tablet S, the first ever tablet by Sony that hopes to rival the perennial tablet champion, Apple’s iPad. The question now is: can Sony what Samsung, Acer, Motorola and RIM did not able to do? Does the Tablet S really have what it takes to match the popularity of the iPad?

We are aware of the court battles between the Galaxy Tab and the iPad. This was because of the similarity of the Tab to the iPad in terms of aesthetics and design. Actually, almost all tablets look like the iPad although not as obvious as the similarity of the Tab and Apple’s tablet.

But the Tablet S is far from being called an iPad copycat. It is similarly sized to the iPad but it has its own unique design features. Its wedge shape structure, for example, allows it to be used without the need for a book or other thick materials just to raise its screen a bit. This makes typing on the Tablet S much easier when it is placed on a flat surface. This gives the tablet an edge when it comes to usability.

The Tablet S also has the advantage when it comes to controlling other Sony appliances. You can use it to change channels on your television or pump up the volume of your sound system. The presence of several ports, something the iPad does not have, enables the Tablet S to connect with other electronic devices easily.

However the greatest strength of the Tablet S lies on its software features. It can play your favorite PlayStation and PSP games! Couple that with being an Android device, and you have several hours of intense gaming. The Tablet S is also built for high-end graphics which can only result to great experiences for the user.

The Tablet S is not perfect. Most would still prefer the iPad over it. It being an Android device must have something to do with it which users would say is too complex unlike the iPad’s iOS. But you would buy the Tablet S not because it is better than the iPad. You would buy it because it can offer things not found on other tablets like playing PSP games.

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