Similarities in Technology Between Tablet Devices

The tablets created and designed by the Samsung and Micromax companies have come up with some similarities to look upon. Regarding functions and features, these two brands are competing in the market. Taking a particular brand of the Samsung and Micromax brands, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310 and Micromax Funbook P300 could be the best models to put into some similarities and dissimilarities.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310 and Micromax Funbook P300 can be differentiated in several ways. Both having a particular similarity of Android operating system, the versions of this technology has come up with a slight difference as the Samsung is powered with Android 4, but the Micromax contains the 4.0 version of Android. Samsung tablet is powered with Dual-Core processor, whereas the Micromax is processed with ARM Cortex-AB processor, and maintaining the speed of 1GHz and 1.22 GHz respectively. The other greatest difference that lies here is its internal memory storage capacities. The Samsung tablet is enhanced with 16 GB of storage capacity with 1 GB of RAM, where the Micromax tablet is enhanced with only 4 GB of storage with 512 GB of RAM.

The screen size of both the brands is same containing 7 inches of display. Both the models are enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity. The applications of these two models are enormous with a huge variety, and are enhanced with the latest Android technology. The similarity also comes with the USB ports featured in these two brands. The memory storage of both the Samsung and Micromax comes with a MicroSD external memory type which can be further upgraded into 32 GB of massive storage capacity. The sound feature comprises the audio connectors of 3.5 mm jack which the users find more suitable and comfortable to use. These two models contain the same battery type of Li-Ion.

By having a glimpse upon the similarities of the two brands with some dominant features, users and customers have also sorted out the differences of these two tablets. Dissimilarities regarding the software, hardware, and many other miscellaneous features are covering the markets and the sales of such devices. The price range of both the models can be distinguished at large.

With a drastic and radiant growth in technology, mobile companies are taking advantage of it as they are coming up with some devices with variable features. With such development, competitions are reaching its highest peak with the introduction of good many devices with special features to dominate this technical era. Some of the popular mobile companies, especially Samsung and Micromax, are flourishing their designs in the market with variable price range. According to the reviews and customer reports, such brands have come up with various similarities and dissimilarities regarding their features, specifications, and performance issues.

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